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Funding Policy

Our editorial independence is not for sale

Global Ground Media and Global Ground Foundation (Global Ground) sustain itself through various means of income and financial support. Funding, grants and donations play a major role in meeting Global Ground’s goals and execute its projects and programs, while being guided by its responsibility to focus on sources that are aligned with its values, principles and ethics as a bearer of truth and independent journalism.

As a general rule, Global Ground raises funds in ways that do not compromise the organisation’s, or any of its journalists’ stand against any political inclinations or influence. This means that there is full and complete editorial independence at all times.

Grants and donation acceptance

Global Ground takes careful decisions on whether to accept or refuse grants and donations, taking into consideration whether it serves our organisation’s best and lawful interests. We uphold our stand not to allow personal and political beliefs to influence our decisions on the acceptance or non-acceptance of grants and donations.

It is our duty to refuse donations or sponsorships when:

  1. The donations are proceeds from illegal activity, i.e. crime, gambling;
  2. The conditions arising from acceptance of the donation or sponsorship violates our Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, editorial independence and general practices of ethical journalism;
  3. The donation shall tarnish the reputation of Global Ground towards the public as a fair and truthful media organisation;
  4. The donation or sponsorship will present any form of harm to members of the organisation or of the public;
  5. Any other reason that is in conflict with Global Ground’s values and activities. 

As an organisation that believes in fruitful collaboration with industry peers, we are open to partner with other media companies to co-publish materials. We are open to collaborate with other organisations as a means of providing non-monetary support.

We as an organisation and our (freelance) journalists do not accept gifts of any value.

Sponsored content

Global Ground Media does not run any sponsored content in its website as its in direct violation of editorial independence of our articles. This helps us maintain our independent views and separates us from any potential or perceived influences from sponsors or contributors. With sponsored content we mean, an article not written or assessed by Global Ground Media with the goal to promote a service, product or brand. We only publish content on our website with (financial) support from third parties while maintaining full editorial independence.

Investments, IPOs, shares and equity

This Funding Policy also applies to other means of gifts or donations like stock IPOs, equities or shares.

We are open to alternative sources of funding, but in all cases need to safeguard the organisation from donations that may present Global Ground with undue risks. To that end, we will assess the gift or donation at hand and will never accept them without thorough assessment (including if needed a legal assessment).

Additionally, we will inform our readers when accepting these kinds of gifts or donations through a blog post on our website.


Global Ground Media accepts cryptocurrency as a donation. Usually, this kind of donation is anonymous meaning we cannot assess the donor. As long as there is no attempt to influence Global Ground’s content and activities, which would violate our Funding Policy, we accept anonymous donations including cryptocurrencies.

Where does Global Ground get its funding from?

Global Ground Media is grateful to the following organisations for providing funding or in-kind support since we launched:

This support is accepted while maintaining the editorial and organisational independence of Global Ground as explained in this policy.

Version: February 2020


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