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When sharing sensitive tips and documents you want to make sure your anonimity is protected. The following three tools allow you to share information securily with us.

For general information requests or other ordinary inquiries, please use our contact form instead.


Signal is an encrypted chat app for your phone and desktop that doesn’t store messages.

Add us at +95 944 862 0605


Hawkpost allows you to email us safely without making an account. It’s completely encrypted without the hassle of installing encryption. Type a message or add a file up to 5 MB.

Encrypted Email

If you’re already familiar with encrypted email, this is a great way to contact us. Otherwise please contact us through Hawkpost instead.

Fingerprint: 71a191b513ed1111d69f02933213ece5df0460cb
Email: globalgroundmedia@protonmail.com

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