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Global Ground Intel

Business Intelligence by Global Ground Media

On The Ground Research

Global Ground Intel is the official research arm of Global Ground Media. Our work combines the extensive on the ground research experience of Global Ground’s team, rigorous qualitative and data analysis, and insights from politicians, professionals and agencies in the sector at hand.

Our on the ground research guarantees firsthand accounts of the latest developments giving you a head start compared to competitors.

Informed Decisions

We conduct primary and secondary research, summarize our findings, and present them back to you, your team, and partners so you can understand the market, sharpen your competitive edge and make informed decisions.

Uncluttered Data

Our analysis, practices and sourcing are transparent and non-biased as to share our observations with you uncluttered as the best reporters tend to do.

Original, honest and direct; those are our reports in three words. We’re not here to waste your time.

Our team always conducts research on the ground in addition to desk research.

Next to our regular business intelligence and industry reports, we also create custom reports analysing specific sectors, projects or

"Without data, you're just someone with an opinion."

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Subscribe to the Global Ground Intel newsletter and get our industry report Microfinance in India for free. This 28-page report includes industry data, the biggest players and latest developments in the sector, analysis and recommendations for governmental agencies, NGOs and MFIs.

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