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Our Work

Global Ground Media works to address information inequality in Asia. From covering underreported issues to fighting corruption, from increasing safety for local journalists to combating digital surveillance, from skills training to supporting local media develop sustainable business models.


Access to information is a right on its own. Many people don’t have access to realiable independent reporting. Reporting that isn’t propaganda and reflects the realities on the ground. In repressive regimes, access to trustworthy journalism in the local language is the seed for real change to occur.


The climate change debate has long been led by Western countries. We voice the developments and possible solutions to environmental issues in Asia including geoengineering and organic food production. Read the stories.


Genocide and discrimination are sensitive topics that can be avoided to some extent by local media. Global Ground Media gives voice to the affected populations. Read the stories.


Disinformation hinders the free functioning of democratic processes. Global Ground Media covers the issue and compares tactics to address disinformation.
Read the stories.


Global Ground Foundation is the independent arm of Global Ground that focuses on contributing to increased press freedom in repressive regimes in Asia.


We work with local journalists and giving them a safe space to publish their sensitive stories. Sometimes a safe space for publishing isn’t enough, so we also teach digital security to stay safe while researching a story. More information.


The United Nations included curbing illicit financial flows in their sustainable development goals for 2015 to 2030. It is crucial for media to uncover the well-hidden illicit finance of businesses and governments fuelling economic inequality, draining the funds of public services, hindering development and the rule of law and undermining human rights. We provide financial research skills in developing countries in Asia. More information.


Another challenge for media is developing sustainable business models. This is a global challenge, but the difficulty increases when state funding has strings attached leading to self-censorship. We support media implement new revenue streams to maintain their independence. More information.


Global Ground Media also offers communication and investigative skills to corporates and non-governmental organisations.


Keeping stakeholders informed is a full-time job. It’s important but can fall off the plate when there are many other priorities. Global Ground Media has a team of professional writers available for communication and reporting with a special focus on Monitoring & Evaluation.


Global Ground Media offers business intelligence and market research across Asia in a wide range of sectors including electricity, infrastructure, garments and development. More information.


At some point, almost every organisation regardless of the sector will face fraud in their organisation or at a partner organisation. In the developmental sector the stakes are high: every dollar lost to mismanagement, fraud, corruption or nepotism is a dollar that could have saved a life.

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