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on the ground

The number of foreign correspondents has drastically declined to a point where on-the-ground reporting is critically endangered. One correspondent covering an entire continent is no exception. Is that an issue? If you want to hear from affected people themselves, it is! We actually go into the field.


in-depth reporting

There is a weird situation going on in the media landscape. Information overload and knowledge scarcity at the same time. It is easy to hear about the latest bombing, election or refugee count. It’s far less easy to find out why these things are happening and taking all the different causes into account. We offer a historical, analytical, contextual, constructive and comparative view on foreign developments.



It can be hard to care about what’s going on in the world. Sometimes it seems that one horrible event follows another. We won’t just present one horrific fact after another, but include possible solutions and what’s already being done about it.


informed action

After reading about an issue you might want to contribute to solving it. No pressure, but if you want to spring into action, we’ll suggest some informed actions you can take. When some time has passed we’ll inform you about the current state of the problem and the impact of your actions.



The world has never been as interconnected as today. Developments across also hit home. Starting with Asia, Global Ground investigates the issues relevant to us all like radicalisation, climate change and human rights issues.

Team Members

9 team members in 7 different countries working together on cross-border stories in Asia.


Expect interactive maps, illustrations, long-form articles, photo stories, video and more.


Global Ground will launch mid-2018. Expect stories that inform, explain and incite action.

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We’ll share every step of the research process. Even the dilemma’s we face and the decisions we make. At the end of the year, we’ll also open our books to you. We believe that if you pay for it, you deserve to know what we do with your money.


Left, right, who cares. We’re journalists, not politicians. We’re here to check up on the powerful on behalf of the powerless. No matter their political affiliation.


Have you ever read an article to be left with additional questions, but no place to ask them? Now you can! Tell us what you want to know and we’ll include your questions in our research.


Reporting without measuring impact is like that tree falling in a deserted forest. We’ll share the impact of our stories and the actions that you’ve taken after reading them, so you’ll know for sure if we’re together making the world a bit better one story at a time.

Taking you where others don't
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