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Running a Business

For Media and Development Organisations

Development and media are not just a public service; they are also businesses. To continue the good work in the long run, financial independence is key.

A long term sustainable and flourishing non-profit needs multiple revenue streams. Most local NGOs and media organisations can not survive in the long run from just donor funding.

Luckily, there are many tried and tested business models of independent organisations with a public goal. And there is plenty of research about revenue streams in the media and development sectors.

Want to find the right business model for your media company? Let’s talk!


We have almost a decade of experience with business consultancy and marketing at startups in Europe and Asia. No one knows your audience better than you do, but we’ll help turn that knowledge into revenue.

The options for a consultancy traject consist of a short consultancy to kickstart a change trajectory or new product, and a longer-term collaboration that also implements and executes strategies.


Turn your staff into idea generators of new products. Training sessions cover ideation, measuring and analysing the success (or failure) of a product, and audience research.


Every training session or consultancy is tailored to the needs, skill level and possibly the existing product ideas of the organidation.

We send a questionnaire to all the participants of a training session and discuss the goals you have in mind beforehand.

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