Fraud Investigation

“The World Bank surveys (2005–2014) report estimated organisational losses to crime of 9 per cent in the Middle East and North Africa, 7.8 per cent in Sub-Saharan Africa and 7.6 per cent in South Asia.” – Oliver May in ‘Fighting Fraud and Corruption in the Humanitarian and Global Development Sector’

Fraud and corruption have a negative impact on organisations, especially in the developmental sector. Every lost dollar could have saved or improved a life. Data suggests there is a gap between actual loss and detected loss.

Local Partners

Any organisation is at risk of fraud, bribery, nepotism or theft. Local partner organisations often exhibit additional risks because they don’t have the same accounting and management capabilities or capacities as International NGOs.

Some examples are:

  • underdelivering services;
  • contract fraud;
  • charging non-existent expenses;
  • double-billing;
  • hiring friends or family above market price; and
  • so-called “briefcase NGOs”.


Global Ground Media combines experience in financial crime investigations with a working knowledge of the developmental sector. We check financial statements and bring accounting procedures up to the level of the latest international standards like IFRS.

Global Ground staffers have experience at the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets and investigated (allegations of) fraud in local NGOs in Asia. After a forensic analysis, we’ll gladly help build a counter-fraud framework that can include early detection mechanisms, zero-tolerance culture change, fraud and corruption policies, and confidential reporting measures.

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