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Digital security and safety protocols


Freedom House writes in its report Freedom on the Net 2019:

“Internet freedom is increasingly imperiled by the tools and tactics of digital authoritarianism, which have spread rapidly around the globe. […] While social media have at times served as a level playing field for civic discussion, they are now tilting dangerously toward illiberalism, exposing citizens to an unprecedented crackdown on their fundamental freedoms. Moreover, a startling variety of governments are deploying advanced tools to identify and monitor users on an immense scale.”

That includes journalists.

Journalists are increasingly tracked and monitored when doing their job. The importance of digital security tools and safety protocols increases with the decline of global internet freedom. 2019 was the ninth consecutive year of decline in internet freedom worldwide, according to Freedom House.

We offer digital security training for media organisations and independent journalists.

Threat modeling and developing a security protocol tailored to the needs and environment of your newsroom operations.

Assessment of needed safety measures at the office of your media organisation. We’ll look at documents, access to computers and servers to minimise exposure in case of a break-in or police raid.

"It is also becoming evident that rising digital authoritarianism can only be tackled with strong media organizations. It is therefore mandatory not only to strengthen the viability of news media organizations, but also to strengthen journalists’ digital skills to protect themselves and to report on the effects of increased surveillance and censorship, among other things."

- Deutsche Welle Akademie


Global Ground Media works with media organisations to address the safety concerns they face whether it’s at the office, communicating online or at home. Contact us for an assessment and implementing safety measures when needed. The threat of digital authoritarianism can not be eliminated fully, but you can do everything in your power to protect yourself, your family, coworkers and sources as best as possible.

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