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Plagiarism Policy

Global Ground Media upholds its responsibility to publish materials that are original, ethical, and with content that is a product of quality research and intelligent analysis. We strongly support and advocate intellectual property rights.

We fully reject any form of plagiarism and assure the public that all of our content has been curated and thoroughly checked prior to publication. Our content is checked against plagiarism through Grammarly.

We commit to constantly providing the public with fresh, innovative and, at many times, thought-provoking content.

Reporting plagiarism

Global Ground Media commits itself to the highest standards of quality journalism. Hence, we consider plagiarism as among an extreme form of misconduct committed by an author. Any form of plagiarism will be dealt with seriously through proper investigation and procedures. 

Suspected plagiarism by members of the organisation and freelance contributors

If an article, content, manuscript, video or any material, whether published or unpublished, is suspected of plagiarism, the author shall be provided with an opportunity to explain in writing within 7 number of days from notice by the organization executives.

Plagiarism includes, not exhaustively, reusing quotes or content published by other organisations including media companies without properly crediting that organisation.

Plagiarism also consists of rewriting a previously published article produced for another media organisation, including the journalist of that article. Copyright of articles often lies with the publication and not (just) with the journalist, so to not infringe on the copyright of other companies and possibly face legal consequences this is strictly not allowed.

The executive committee comprised of at least three people including the Managing Editor and an Editor shall then decide whether plagiarism has indeed been committed, on the basis of the author’s explanation, and the results of the committee’s internal investigation.

The decision by the committee should be released within 30 number of days. Decisions may involve sanction(s) that are aligned with the organization’s Code of Ethics and this Plagiarism Policy.

Reported plagiarism by the public

Should you believe that a portion of, or an entire article or material, has been replicated from another published source, or if you spot something that you think fails to meet our standards, please let us know. You are advised to immediately bring the matter to the Managing Editor, through written email to info@globalgroundmedia.com, stating specific content in question, and the original published article or content referenced in the complaint. Proper investigation procedures shall follow.

Action against the author

Global Ground Media will remove from its roster of journalists the concerned author who is proven to commit plagiarism in any nature. Removal may be anywhere from one year, or in more extreme cases, the author may be banned permanently from Global Ground Media. We also reserve the right to take legal action against the author, if necessary, to mitigate risks resulting from the act.

Action for plagiarised content

Global Ground Media will take down from its website and all its other online publications, any published content, material, or article that has been proven to contain any form of plagiarism. If needed, the organisation will publish a retraction in line with its Retraction Policy

Version: June 2019


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