Finalist ADB & OGP Challenge

Government Accountability and Responsiveness

28 January 2021

In 2020, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Open Government Partnership (OGP) launched an innovation challenge to explore how to leverage digital technology to strengthen the monitoring of COVID-19-related spending and improve feedback and grievance redressal mechanisms.

Global Ground Media was selected as one of four finalists with a COVID-19 Fund Tracker. Tracking the use of international development aid intended for vaccines, hospitals and economic relief is essential to make sure the money ends up in the hands of the right people. By providing full and easy access to procurement information, civil society and the media can fulfill their role as government watchdogs.

Global Ground Media is grateful for the opportunity to pitch the COVID-19 fund tracker for Myanmar. We thank the judges and mentors for their recognition and support.

Image by ADB.

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