How Cross-Border Reporting Tackles Corruption

19th International Anti-Corruption Conference

5 December 2020

The 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) highlighted the importance of investigative reporting in uncovering corruption.

The panel discussion featured Sally Hayden, Freelance Journalist, Andrea Arzaba, Editor at the Global Investigative Journalism Network, Rajneesh Bhandari, Chief Editor and CEO at the Nepal Investigative Multimedia Journalism Network, Selase Kove-Seyram, Independent Filmmaker & Journalist and Anrike Visser, former financial crime investigator and Founder of Global Ground Media.

The objective of this session is to help other stakeholders involved in anti-corruption work understand more about how the media investigates these types of stories and discuss best practices. IACC notes that “a free press that holds power to account is incredibly important in the fight against corruption”.

See the recorded session at IACC.
Photo by fikry anshor on Unsplash.

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