Definition of “Fake News” and its context in Korea

20 December 2018

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According to the US non-profit Knight Foundation, fake news is defined as “content that has the appearance of credible news stories, but without going through the process of verification that makes real news valuable.”

Disinformation, meanwhile, is false information intended to deceive people, whereas misinformation includes incorrect information or the fact that people are misinformed, according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

“Fake news” often refers to politically charged speech based on disinformation. A lot of disinformation touches on political disinformation, but fake news may also develop from hatred directed towards women, LGBTQ community members, and migrants and refugees.

South Korea’s current administration announced that it aimed to better police disinformation, but the effort has been focused on fake news involving political speech rather than that based on bigotry that targets minorities.

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