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Financial Journalism & Digital Security

Follow The Money

Corruption, tax evasion, money laundering, public contracts; Asia is filled with financial stories that need to be told, but where to start? We’ll show you how to track financial streams across borders and uncover massive stories.


Depending on the skill level and available budget, we can train your team in conducting financial investigations using company records, annual reports and open data sets.

When researching sensitive topics it’s very important to protect yourself and your sources. So we also offer digital security training.


Your team knows how to conduct financial investigations, but we all get stuck sometimes. Wouldn’t it be great to have an expert at hand when you need a set of fresh eyes? Our Helpdesk is the easiest way to get that extra support when you need it.


Don’t have time to dive into financial statements or train your team? We can do the research for you. You’ll receive the highlights of our research and help you interpret the results for your story.


What did you like most about the digital security training?

“About the local journalist’s stories: sounds interesting and well-researched. And glad that all of us are going to use a secured chatroom and dropbox.”

“Comparing experiences and notes about previous security protocol.”

“Making/consulting a plan together for [our newsroom] context.”

“Both explained and shared the knowledge very well in easy to understand language and practical exercises.”

“Many thanks for coming here and train this. Will keep in touch for getting help relating to digital security.”

“Super important stuff, good practical focus.”

Finance is cross-border and so are we

Our team includes a former financial crime investigator and a professional trainer (ToT). We always tailor the training to the specific newsroom and relevant financial issues of the country. Simply send us an email to get more information.

Financial stories

Some of the major financial investigations and revelations of the last years.


Tax Justice Network’s estimates for missing global private wealth, income, inequality and lost tax.

Tax Avoidance

Why SABMiller should stop dodging taxes in Africa.

Transfer Pricing

Nike shifted billions in trademark profits between subsidiaries to avoid high taxes in Europe.

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