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COVID-19 Fund Tracker (prototype)


The importance of access to procurement information to make sure the money ends up in the right hands and saves lives can not be understated. The COVID-19 Fund Tracker provides easily searchable and sortable data on procurement contracts of more than MMK 100 million awarded by the Myanmar government.

The data is based on the procurement reports published by the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry, data from the corporate registry at DICA and cross-referenced with sanctions listed in OCCRP Aleph.

The information listed in the COVID-19 Fund Tracker does not implicate companies and individuals in illegal or immoral activities. They simply indicate avenues for further research.

Disclaimer: always rely on the original source of the data. Global Ground Media is not accountable for any mistakes in the data listed here.

Procurement Contracts

Sources: Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry, DICA and OCCRP Aleph
Last update: 19 January 2021

Overlap between companies

Use the data to find interesting avenues for further investigation. For example, of the awarded contract, two companies have the same director.

An avenue for further research could be conflicts of interest in awarding the funds and lack of transparency of the tender process.

Links to PEPs

Investigate if there are links to Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) or their associates. PEPs include government officials, military personnel, ethnic armed organisations, and their family members or close associates.

Companies and directors are also cross-referenced with the aggregated sanction lists in OCCRP Aleph. This includes sanctions by the World Bank and the United Nations. See the full list of included sanctions here.


* ‘Total contract amount’ refers to the sum of all the different products of the awarded contract on that date.

Sources: Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry, DICA and OCCRP Aleph
Last update: 19 January 2021

Price and quality control

Effective use of funds is essential to saving lives. One extra mask can protect a health care worker or family member of a COVID-19 patient. This data can be used to compare prices of the purchased PPE with market prices. Another option is to check the quality of the purchased products.


Validation reports will be added to the COVID-19 Fund Tracker when they become available. This is essential to check if the promised products actually arrived at their destination. Then citizens would be able to verify the products and identify any irregularities.

Investigate ownership of companies receiving procurement contracts and links to politically exposed persons.

Compare prices of procured material with market prices.

Uncover sanctioned companies and persons by the World Bank and United Nations.


When the International Monetary Fund provided US$ 356.5 million to Myanmar for COVID-19 relief in June, it pointed to a series of safeguards against corruption to which the Myanmar government had committed itself.

Authorities in Naypyidaw pledged to disclose the beneficial owners of companies receiving government contracts through the grant. Five months in, the funds are flowing, but full transparency has not followed. Read the article.


Please let us know if you have questions, suggestions or would like to collaborate on an investigation. If you use the information on the COVID-19 Fund Tracker, we would be grateful if you let us know.

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