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Letter from the Editor

19 January 2024

Dear Reader,

Since 2018, we covered sensitive and underreported stories of financial crime and corruption in Asia. All those years you have supported us by reading our stories, providing grants and words of encouragement. I want to sincerely thank all contributors, donors and supporters without whom we wouldn’t have been able to pull this off.

I especially want to thank the journalists who put themselves out there every day to tell sensitive stories that others would rather see buried. For example, the story on suicide victims linked to overindebeteness in India, hate speech targeting minorities and women in South Korea, suppression of free and fair elections in Thailand, and a fraught peace process in Myanmar that eventually led to a coup d’etat. Your work is important, dangerous, and essential to hold power to account.

Over the past six years, we were also contacted increasingly to provide training, analysis and consultancies. We have worked with the United Nations on environmental crime, RUSI Europe on AML regulation in Europe, set up the EU and IFI policy engagement at The Sentry, and briefed countless embassies, governments, banks, international financial institutions and mining companies.

From 2024 onwards, we will continue as Global Ground Consulting covering Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and close the publication. As always the topic remains the same: how can we prevent misuse of funds to make sure the people reap the benefits? To this end, we research and analyse illicit financial flows, corruption, sanction evasion, financial regulation, ethical mining, and banking procedures. Especially, the new applications of technology and data in countering these problems are a shining light to more effectively address such a sticky problem, which I’m excited to focus more on going forward.

Thanks again to everyone who donated, gave grants, told us their personal stories, wrote articles and joined us on this journey! To inquire about the consulting services we provide, please reach out at info[at]global-ground[.]com.

Yours Sincerely,

Anrike Visser

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