Assessing the viability of community radio in Myanmar

Media Viability Research

8 July 2020

What does a media organisation need to survive? How can media build a stable foundation for the future? What does it take for media to become financially sustainable in the long run?

These and other questions spearheaded the research by Deutsche Welle Akademie (DWA) and UNESCO to develop a comprehensive list of indicators. In other words, a checklist for media organisations highlighting the areas to assess when it comes to financial and organisational stability.

In this time of digital transformation, media’s traditional business models are under strain. As a consequence, media all over the world need to come up with new ways to ensure their survival. – Deutsche Welle Akademie

Viability, or sustainability, has many elements as outlined in the brand new Media Viability Indicators published in May 2020. Areas included in the list are overall economic indicators, industry questions and measurements focusing on individual media organisations.

Part of DWA’s focus on media viability is a project in Myanmar with community radios in collaboration with International Media Support and Global Ground Media.

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The staff and volunteers of Phualva FM, Falam Community Media, International Media Support and Global Ground Media during the virtual needs assessment on 22 and 23 June 2020.

On 22 and 23 June, Falam Community Media and Phualva FM participated in a needs assessment focussing on financial sustainability. The topics of discussion during the assessment were the history of the media organisation, revenue ideas, operating costs, skills, assets and organisational struggles.

Soon the two radio projects, both based in Chin State, will join a workshop tailored to their experience with revenue generation.


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